The Party Socialist is launching a new billboard campaign, where it highlights the measures state budget that will improve the lives of the Portuguese and portuguese in 2020.

The campaign consists of 4 8×3 sector posters focused on health, social justice, climate and young people. Each of the posters mentions the most emblematic measures in each sector, including the Investment in Health, through which a strengthening of unprecedented financial year in the NHS. After approval state budget for this year, the Deputy Secretary-General of the PS, José Luís Carneiro explains that through this campaign, "the Socialist Party wants to make it clear that this is a future budget, which consolidates the improvement of the quality of public services, which supports new generations, which concerns about environmental issues, which combatines, supporting who needs it most, and who fights demographic decline." José Luis Carneiro stresses that "this is also a way of clarifying the political measures adopted and to identify them in the matrix of the Government Programme, using the more traditional forms of communication." The texts are and the message of the PS is positive, also addressing the new generations through the hashtag #PolíticasdeFuturo, which decided to debut in this campaign. "More consultations and surgeries", "more support for families with children", "more public transport" or "less IRS in the first 3 years of work" are examples of the measures highlighted in the posters that will be on the streets all over the country.