Statement by Fofi Gennimata, President of the Movement for Change, during her arrival at the Pre-Summit of the leaders of the Party of European Socialists – PES LeadersGreece passes a test concerning the whole of Europe.

No one has the right to turn us into a warehouse of souls. I call for the support of the European socialists in order to put an end to the drama that our islands are experiencing. With immediate de-unjoining, with effective border guarding and of course by allocating asylum seekers to all Member States. The far right lurks across Europe. They are political complementary, developmental and redistributive. That's what people in every corner of it are asking for. We Socialists and Democrats can again become the voice of those who are being tested. For a Fair and Social Europe.● with strong growth, which will leave no one behind.● Common defence policy,● Reducing inequalities— Common environment policy. With a BUDGET OF THE NEW ERA and of European integration.  That is why we must support the European Parliament's proposal. Budget at 1.3% of Gross National Income.2] Those who see Cohesion Policy accountable or competitive with the needs of the Common Agricultural Policy, the Green Agreement and policies that enhance solidarity such as civil protection are wrong. It is short-sighted not to see that these policies are complementary, developmental and redistributive at the same time. It is our moral and social obligation for today and future generations to ensure a fair transition to the changes required by the new era.4] As far as the refugee issue is concerned. A European problem is becoming a Greek tragedy. We're in a state of emergency. Greece – and especially our islands – are suffocating from the increased refugee/migration flows. Tens of thousands of people live in camps in inhumane conditions, while local communities are ready to explode. Consider that the immigrant population in some cases is equal to or even exceeds the local population.  Which, as you know, this population, the border guard of Europe. it is provided (staffing and logistical infrastructure)● With the distribution of asylum seekers in all the countries of Europe and with a system of sanctions to those who do not comply.● With a change in the EU-Turkey joint declaration, in order to stop Erdogan blackmailing and decompressing our islands. Let's show off. To push for a problem that concerns us all, not to turn the countries of the South into soul warehouses.