The Deputy Secretary General of the PS, José Luís Carneiro, announced the repudiation of the Socialist Party for "serious verbal offenses – many serious – that undermine the dignity of Marega, sportsman and exemplary citizen".

Referring to the insults of a racist nature that the player of the Porto Football Club team was targeted at the stadium of Vitória de Guimarães, José Luís Carneiro recalled that "these behaviors and attitudes are attentive to Article 13 of the Constitution of republic, which guarantees the principle of equality between all citizens". The Deputy Secretary-General of the PS considers that "sport is a language and, as such, is a language of intercultural dialogue and inclusion", adding that "the maximum exponent of this universal language was to us granted by him who is a symbol of the spirit of peace, tolerance and intercultural and interracial dialogue: Nelson Mandela." Underlining that"there must be consequences" and that "institutions should act", José Luís Carneiro explained that "the attitudes, behaviors, gestures and verbal offenses that occurred in the Sunday at that football game pay attention to the fundamental values of humanity." The player of Football Moussa Marega asked to be replaced in the 71st minute of the 21st game round of the I Liga, between FC Porto and Vitória de Guimarães, following the racist chants and shouts of vimaranense supporters at a time of game in which his team won 2-1, result with which he would finish the Date. Marega's teammates, as well as Victory players, Guimarães tried to give him his attitude, but Marega proved irreducible and decided to abandon the game.