Brussels, 12.

February 2020 - The Pirate delegation to the European Parliament voted today against ratifying the Trade Agreement between Vietnam and the European Union. The reason was, in particular, human rights in Vietnam, which, despite the Union's pressure throughout the negotiations of the agreement, deteriorated throughout the negotiations and the agreement does not provide an outlook for improvement." We're giving Vietnam's authoritarian bianco regime a check to trade the world's largest economic bloc, without enforceable conditions for change. By ratifying the Treaties of the Communist Party of Vietnam, we say that the European Union supports a one-party surveillance state that oppresses its people," said pirate MEP Markéta Gregorová, who did not raise her hand for the deal a few weeks ago. for international trade. Pirates support the free market and the reinforcement of economic cooperation, but not at all costs. "In today's globalised world, it is no longer possible to separate trade and security policy. The old mantra that free trade will solve everything and will ultimatum to liberal democracy no longer apply. Instead, the regime is more economically strengthening and delivering new options for repression, for example through tracking technologies or social networks, where Vietnam is significantly inspired in China," gregor adds.