ODS: At the Ministry we convinced ourselves that the ANO movement is harmful to transport (www.ods.cz ) Members of civic Democrats today took an excursion at the Ministry of Transport.

As part of a visit to this key resort, they convinced themselves that the constant changes of ministers and changes in the views of ministers of the resort did not benefit, and the construction of roads, motorways and railways practically stopped in the Czech Republic because of this. But the inability of the ANO movement is demonstrated not only in the construction of infrastructure, but also in personnel issues or the listing of key public contracts. ODS Members Ivan Adamec, Jan Bauer, Petr Beitl, Stanislav Blaha and Vojtěch Munzar took a tram to visit the Ministry of Transport this afternoon. Civic Democrats criticize the long-standing incompetence of the YES movement in the resort. Transport is in such a desperate state that MPs wanted to make sure, through this excursion, that they were still working on this office. Representatives of the strongest opposition party discussed the situation in the resort directly in the seat of the office with Minister Karel Havlíček, from whose words would almost seem to be in the best order in the ministry, but the reality is completely different," according to the Civic Democrats." We are glad that we were accepted in this kind way by the Ministry, but unfortunately the result of the visit did not surprise us, due to the constant changes and confusion of who actually governs the office, officials can try their best, but the results will not come. It's similar to school - a good school doesn't make a good façade, but a good principal, unfortunately the ministry doesn't have that," says ODS Member Jan Bauer, who symbolically handed the starting cables to Minister Havlickek so that he can start the office." He'll have a lot of work to do with it, especially when the Transport Minister is not full-time,"Since Havlíček also heads the Ministry of Industry and Trade, according to the ODS, he does not have enough time to set up another such demanding resort, which is transport, his promises so opposition MPs have not given much hope." We wanted to offer members from the Committee on Economic Affairs the opportunity to look at the Ministry and personally find out what the office is in. We have heard a lot of plans and beautiful words from Minister Havlíček, but I am a little afraid that it will not turn out as always – a lot of promises, but the deed of the run away,"explains Vice-Chairman of the Economic Committee Ivan Adamec.ODS transport expert Stanislav Blaha criticised in particular the lack of money for road and rail construction:"The budget for the SFDI is even lower than last year. When we look at the state of roads and railways in the Czech Republic and the economic growth we are currently in, the government should put at least 3% of GDP on infrastructure development, but this is not happening, so we still do not have a completed motorway network or rail corridors." At the end of the meeting, ODS Members assured Minister Havlíček that he would support any sensible proposals from the ministry's workshop, but it does not seem realistic that the minister, who manages the ministry only half ly, will be able to move significantly with the resort.