Monday's going to accompany the movement's weekly letter! On Thursday 5.12.

We will be in Helsinki at the end of Question Time at 17 in the informal togetherfulness. Join us if you are in the metropolitan area. Venue Vltava, Elielinaukio 2. Hjallis included. We want to talk about things that are being evisted. One of these is the tax-free dividends of the trade union movement. Parliament holds keys in this matter too. Something needs to be done about this, read more about the Hjallius blog. Tomorrow on Tuesday, the movement now holds a group speech on the Finance Committee's report on the government's report on the budgetary plan for the years 2020 to 2023. Tomorrow's writer meeting in the Parliamentary library. Olli Rehn, president of the Bank of Finland, explains his book on the Brink of the divide: this was how the euro was rescued at 16.30 − 17.30. The place of the Eduskunta Library, Aurorankatu 6. The event is free of charge. There is a security check at the entrance. Welcome! On Wednesday, in a referral debate, a citizens ' initiative to limit the use of pyrotechnic articles, i.e. fireworks. The word is FREE! What are your thoughts on parliamentary work or even a week letter in you raises? Send a message via email to Harry. harkimo@eduskunta. Fi. Happy week to welcome the movement of the swag. Support the movement and become a member of support.