At the initiative of the LMP Parliamentary Group, the Parliament also contributes by decision to the initiative of the Szekler National Council in the interests of national regions.

It is our common national cause that the European Union's cohesion policy should take particular account of regions distinguished from the regions around them by national, ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic specificities. To this end, we proposed that the resolution previously adopted by the Committee on National Inclusion be published on a higher platform. At the LMP's call on Wednesday, the Fidesz and the KDNP and jobbik and mszp groups expressed their support for the proposal, supported it, and there was agreement to bring it before the Parliament in the fastest possible procedure. We are confident that the proposal for a resolution can give the initiative a greater impetus and publicity. There is not much time left, so we will continue to encourage everyone to sign on the following website: nationalregiok.euKeresztes László Lórat