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Zarko Katic, state Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior and party official, on the occasion of the birth of Croatian poet Antun Mihanovic (10.04.1796), visited his tomb in Klanjec and Paid tribute to him, and they visited a monument to the Croatian national anthem in Zelenjak. Antun Mihanović was a poet, lawyer and ambassador, and during his officiating as a military judge in Italy, in 1925 he wrote and published a booklet titled "The Word of the homeland from the Hasnovy writing VU Native language ", which subsequently was the basis of the program of the Croatian National Revival on which Ljudevit Gaj was headed. In 1818, in Venice, he found the manuscript of Osman Ivan Gundulic, who was published at his request. In the same year Padovi published his second book, "Science and the English language friend". His most famous work is the song "Horvatska Homeland", which gave a great contribution to the Illyrian rebirth in Croatia, and was printed by Ljudevit Gaj in 1835. In the list of Danica. " Horvatska Homeland "Today is known as the Croatian national anthem" Beautiful Naša ", in 1891. During the exhibition of Croatian-Slavonian Economic Society in Zagreb, it was first mentioned as the Croatian national anthem. As the Croatian national Anthem formally-legally proclaimed the constitutional amendment in the SR Croatian Parliament 29.02.1972 The Fellowship of the Brethren of the Croatian Dragon 24.11.1835. G. In Zelenjak near Klanjec, a monument was erected in the Croatian anthem. Antun Mihanović was a Croatian patriot who fought with his liberal views for the Rightwhat we had stated when marking the birth of Croatian painter Oton Iveković, the Croatian Social Liberal Party will continue to commemorate the great memories of the great From Croatian history in the field of its activities in Krapina-Zagorje County and beyond.