The Secretary General Minister António Costa presented the priorities of the government in 2020, translated into the State Budget, explaining that "contrary to what some feared, there is no a single step of the setback of any of the advances made in the last four years; contrary to what some feared, does not make us stand still or to mark step." It was in Braga, in the first of a set of initiatives that will lead members of the Executive and senior PS leaders to all socialist federations, which the head of government told the militants and supporters who "this is a budget focused on the future and the response to great challenges." António Costa stressed the importance of "getting the legislature well, because getting the legislature well is halfway towards running well." The Prime Minister considers that "this Budget is the best" it has presented so far, been "improved" throughout the parliamentary negotiation process with different parties.

António Costa noted the Executive's commitment to continue the fiscal consolidation effort and the path of reduction of the debt, while intending to strengthen public investment, especially health, education and infrastructure. The leader of the PS also explained that the Government has intention to also pursue the path of income recovery, recalling the commitment to resume the normality of the annual salary update for the civil service, which takes place as early as 2020: "since 2000, they have only been twice updated, from now on, whatever there is, they start to have annual increase maturity," he said. The Secretary-General of the PS explained that this year, the increase will be 0.3%, but in 2021 it will be "at least 1%", although the inflation may fall below. António Costa also made clear a priority in the tax field, focused on reducing the IRS." This is a Budget focused on the future and response to the major challenges," Costa added, listing the importance of reduce inequalities, change demographic dynamics and intensify the combating climate change. On the controversy surrounding the reduction of the rate electricity VAT, the Chief Executive again recalled that the bet of the government is that the tax can be reduced depending on the consumption levels, whereas this is a "socially fairer and more environmentally responsible."