Prague, 12 May 2008 February 2020 – The Chamber of Deputies today shifts the proposal of the Chairman of the Pirates' Group Jakub Michálka to the second reading for the introduction of a sliding mandate in the event of cumulation as a Member and Minister.

The Austrian model has support for a constitutional majority in the Chamber. Within him, a Member who becomes a member of the Government has the opportunity to suspend the work of an MP during the period of government engagement and send a substitute for himself from the candidate list. This will allow members of the government to devote more time to their functions. Michálek received broad support from YES, STAN, KDU and SPD Members for his proposal. The Pirates had a sliding mandate in their post-election strategy. The sliding mandate works by taking on an alternate as an MP who becomes a member of the government. In the event of an end to the government's engagement, the parliamentary mandate in question shall be returned again. This principle works successfully in Belgium, the Netherlands, Estonia, Sweden or Slovakia and Austria, where Mr Michálek consulted and, according to foreign colleagues, has proven herself. The draft law Michálek introduced a year ago, now he has been on the agenda of the Chamber of Deputies." As a status as a member of the Government, the Member shall continue to perform both of these functions. A typical consequence is the low participation of members of the government, who are also Members, in votes. The introduction of a sliding mandate will significantly increase the amount of time of government members to perform their full-time duties. Thus, all chamber rules will not have to be present, but only three times during the six-week Chamber of Deputies, when interpellations take place, and then with their presses," said Jakub Michálek, adding: "At the same time, we want to increase the participation of members of the government in interpellations, which is particularly low under the current government. This is evidenced by Prime Minister Andrej Babiš himself, who has come to face questions from Members in written interpelling after a long ten months. By introducing a sliding mandate, one of the excuses for why members of the government have such little attendance at interpellations will fall away." Text of the amendment to the Constitution from the Constitution Commission: "A Member who is a member of the Government may decide not to exercise his mandate for the duration of membership of the government. All rights and obligations of such a Member, with the exception of the right to waive his mandate, in which case they pass to an alternate. Details shall be laid down by law."