The archdiocesan charity Prague has unsealed the treasury and published the results of the Three Kings Collection, which was initiated in the Senate last week by the KDU-ČSL Senatorial Club and independents.

Managed to withdraw 39 800 CZK for the needy. "The collection was successful. I am pleased that we have managed to spread our joy in the Senate and move on to this important nationwide project," says The Chairman of the KDU-ČSL Senatorial Club and independent Petr Šilar. It was chosen for the ninth time, and senators and senators from the club accompanied the Three Kings through their offices, as well as the offices of others in the Senate. "The result of the collection in the Senate exceeded all expectations," jaroslav Němec, director of the Archdiocesan charity Prague, commented on the sum to senators and senators. The money will help those in need in places where the Archdiocesan charity Prague operates.labels senatecharitymoney neededThreekings breakfast