Senator KDU-ČSL Lumír Kantor and lawyer Ondřej Strava have prepared a constitutional complaint in cooperation with the initiative #taképečujeme, which responds to an unfair increase in parental allowance.

This increase does not apply to around 70,000 parents who, although they have offspring up to 4 years of age, have already exhausted the allowance in accelerated mode. The people want the Constitutional Court to annul this discrimination so that all parents with children under 4 years of age can receive an increased allowance as of 31.12. 2019. The KDU-ČSL Senatorial Club will begin collecting signatures of senators from other clubs after the Trikings Collection and intends to send it to the Constitutional Court by the end of January." We believe that such a law is grossly unfair. It changes the rules in the middle of the game, divides parents on the basis of arbitrarily chosen criteria, provokes a strong disappointment of trust in the law and further unreasonably breaks down an already divided society," commented complaint initiator Lumír Kantor." It does not seem fair to discriminate against moms and dads who have already had to return to work," says Marek Výborný, president of the people." The transitional provisions state that the increase also applies to parents who have started drawing the allowance according to the previous adjustment. However, from this group of parents excludes those who amount 220,000 CZK before 1 January 2004. As of January 20, 2020, they had been able to use the option for faster benefit, which the law offers them. These parents could not have predicted such a consequence of faster pumping. On the contrary, the Minister of Labour has long been assured that all parents of children under 4 years of age will be entitled to an increase," says lawyer Ondřej Strava.labels KDU-ČSLlidovciLumír KantorConstitutional CourtMarekExcellent constitutional complaint