Member of the European Parliament Tonino Picula is in the narrowest choice for the prestigious MEP Award, known as the "EU Oscar", which is awarded to the best members of the European Parliament in certain categories.

The Picula MP was nominated among three top energy Award candidates. " I am extremely honored by this nomination because it represents a great tribute to my long-term work. But this is first and foremost a tribute to European islanders who recognized the energy transition as a priority and made my initiative successful! I look forward to continuing the work on the island's energy transition, which is already being used as one of the signposts in the most important European project for decades before us, the European Green Plan, "the Picula MP said on the occasion of the nomination. One of the priorities of Picule was to include areas that are geographically endangered in European policies. That's why it's 2016. Proposed a preparatory action plan and submitted an amendment to the EU budget which provided 2 million euros. This resulted in the creation of a clean energy initiative for the EU Islands through which the secretariat for the islands of the European Commission was then established.  To date, the initiative has included more than 40 island communities across Europe to date in the Secretariat's projects, and the new amendment Picula has provided an additional million euros from the budget for their work at 2020. Year. The initiative's success was confirmed by the European Commission, including it in the European Green Deal. Seeing in practice a positive outcome for the EU Islands, the Picula representative proposed another successful initiative to expand a similar concept to the clean energy transition of rural areas, for which an additional million euros were approved in the preparatory phase from this year's The EU budget. After the successful last vice-presidential mandate, Picula was elected president of the Intergroup for the Seas, rivers, islands and coastal Areas (SEARICA), which from the former eighty today gathers 114 Members of the European Parliament from as many as 24 EU member States. MEP Picula continues to work towards achieving the goals of a fair energy transition that will not leave anyone behind and who will take special care of the endangered environments. The decision on the nominations was made by the jury, Parliament magazine, and the winner will know on Monday (March 17th). February 2020.