Prague, 12 May 2008 February 2020 – The third reading today passed the draft law on the protection of public health with amendments of a group of Members, among which were Pirates Olga Richterová and Petr Třešňák.

The proposals regulate vaccination conditions for participation in schools in nature and vaccination of children who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons. Although the Pirates consider vaccination to be an essential preventive tool for public health, the current regulation included many illogical restrictions, which have thus become an unnecessary punishment for children and parents, and have often held school principals into account." The Chamber of Deputies across political parties also supported our amendment, which abolished the obligation to monitor children's vaccinations in schools in the countryside, because children spend the remaining 10 months in the same collective. I am also glad that a child with temporary contraindications, which temporarily prevents vaccination, has also passed the proposal put forward by Mr Válk and others to which we have joined, which allows a child with temporary contraindications to be accepted for early childhood education. An example of the current deterioration of health may be atopic eczema, leukemia or epilepsy, and nurseries can now be fined for accepting children with these difficulties," explains Vice-President of the Committee on Health Petr Třešňák." You may be asking why we even dealt with this when vaccination is a solid part of public health protection in the pirate program? Because we have dealt with the subject in detail in the health team with a number of doctors, we have concluded that these are necessary adjustments to the imlogies that will give other parts of parents confidence that this country can be even for those with different health complications. Or for those whose child has a complete pentavaccine and lacks only hepatitis B to allow for schools in nature," commented Olga Richter, vice-president of the Health Committee, adding: "At the same time, I would like to thank you for the suggestions from parents and civil ity initiatives, many have not only warned us about these imlogisms in the long term." The pirates also put forward other proposals that the majority of the House was no longer inclined to. An example is the abolition of the obligation of complete vaccination for children's groups not established by the state and private kindergartens. The pirates wanted to allow an agreement between private founders and parents that might not be subject to complete vaccination.