Martin Kupka: The government wants more checks on whether the system works, but to monitor the rejection ( ) The reaction of Martin Kupka to today's 3rd Century reading an amendment to the SAO Act aimed at extending the control powers of the Supreme Audit Office.' The governing coalition wants more and more controls, but refuses to monitor whether the entire control system is failing as a result.

The state spends hundreds of millions of crowns per year on inspections. We have come up with a proposal to prevent repeated checks, for example, to cripple small communities or small businesses for several days. The state must monitor how the entire control system works. Multiple and chaotic checks do not usually lead to a correction of problems, but are merely a waste of public funds and unnecessary burdens,"says ODS Vice-President Martin Kupka.The amendment tabled, which, in addition to Martin Kupka, was also signed by the chairman of the movement STAN Vít Rakušan, former Chairman of the KDU-ČSL Marek Výborný and Member Marek Benda, was aiming to introduce an institute of so-called "green paper". excessive control burdens and to promote the coordination of controls in order to avoid duplication. The administrator of the proposed Evidence of Controls was to be the Supreme Audit Office. Unfortunately, this amendment did not pass." We want a state that works well, is able to intervene quickly and effectively against violations of the law, but at the same time does not unnecessarily pursue anyone. It does not create papers for papers and inspections for inspections. Unfortunately, the practice of recent years has been different. That has to change,"concludes Martin Kupka.