The government continues to make life difficult for entrepreneurs.

On the contrary, we propose simple and low taxes ( ) A 45-day period for withholding excessive VAT deductions according to civic Democrats will make life even more difficult for entrepreneurs. For example, ODS Members proposed increasing the limit for mandatory VAT registration to CZK 2 million in turnover, rejecting this proposal by the Governing Coalition. By approving the tax line today, the government has retightened the screws of free enterprise in our country. Despite the proclamations of how the new tax code leads to electronization and easier fulfilment of tax obligations, measures will be introduced to further deteriorate the lives of entrepreneurs. In particular, by extending the 30 to 45-day period, the government makes entrepreneurs a provider of free overdraft credit. This measure will make cash-flow of entrepreneurs and companies worse. Money that does not belong to the state should be back with entrepreneurs as soon as possible so that they can continue to develop their business," says Jan Skopeček, vice-chairman of the ODS Group. The government's actions lead to a deterioration in the business environment in the long run. Despite the government and the governing coalition, at least it managed to push for a five-day tolerance for late filing of annual tax returns without sanctions. A major problem in the business environment is a growing administration. Therefore, we have proposed to increase the limit for compulsory Registration for VAT to 2 million. Czk. Exceeding the vat registration limit means a huge increase in their administrative obligations for small entrepreneurs and self-employed workers. Despite media proclamations about cutting red tape, this proposal, like many others, the parties of the governing coalition rejected it," adds ODS MEMBER Vojtěch Munzar.