Parents who have not reached an increase in parental allowance because they have already exhausted it should still ask for an increase, recommended by the People's Chairman Marek Výborný (KDU-ČSL).

If the Constitutional Court upheld his complaint, parents could recover the 80,000 crowns to which other families are entitled. Excellent said this in the show Events, comments, along with him were guests Roman Sklenák (ČSSD) and Aleš Juchelka (YES)." We believe that the government of ANO, ČSSD and the KSČM has acted discrimination because it punishes 70,000 parents for having previously started employment, even though they have a child under four years of age," said Excellent.In that the increase in parental allowance does not concern about 20 percent families under the age of four see excellent contradiction with legal certainty, legitimate expectations, the Constitution and the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms. "If the government had given higher parental parents to those families where the baby was born only in 2020, we would not have said ashes. But that's how two categories of parents were created," said the head of the people. More here.tags Marek Excellent Chairman of the KDU-ČSLparental ContributionConstitutional Complaint