ODS Praha: Another demonstration of the lack of transparency of the municipal coalition.

An opaque contract can cost Prague hundreds of millions of crowns (www.ods.cz/region.prazsky ) The main city management since the middle of last year is quietly preparing a fundamental change in the appearance of Prague public transport. The combination of colors that the inhabitants of the metropolis have been accustomed to for decades is intended to give way to a new visual design. According to the ODS, this is an unnecessary waste of hundreds of millions of crowns, which will not improve the functioning of public transport or passenger comfort." We recently pointed out that on 23 June 2005, the Commission had not been able to take the view from the Commission. On 12. 2019 the Board of Directors of the Prague Transport Company signed a contract for the service of metro cars for 15 billion. However, opaque procurement related to Prague public transport continues. Mayor Hřib and Councillor Scheinherr are quietly about to fundamentally change the colour of Prague trams and buses. They approved the closed competition for a new visual style of public transport, but its winner and the form of the winning proposal are still hiding,"draws attention to the chairman of the Prague representatives of ods Alexandra Udženija." In addition, this contract for the new visual style of public transport raises a number of questions. Only five graphic studies were directly addressed in the closed procedure. It is unclear who and according to what key these companies chose and why there was no open tender. It reminds me a lot of legendary tenders for The Noble's Restaurant. It is also not clear how much a change in the visual style of public transport will cost. If the effort is to repaint all trams and buses, it can be hundreds of millions of crowns. I can imagine better use of such means for Praguers, for example, to recruit missing drivers and increase comfort for passengers. Before the election, it was swarming from the mouths of pirate councillors with transparency, but after the election the deed escaped," adds Alexandra Udženija.labels: #tisková report #doprava #Praha